Kangen ® Water

Water Can Change Your Health and Your Well Being
© by Kali Sichen

Why are so many Americans overweight and approaching obesity?  Why are so many Americans just very sickly?  Is it just the food?  What is the element most needed to reverse this condition and change many lives.

Water!  But not just any water!  Water is not just water.  In recent studies I have learned that the structure of the water we drink is far more important than we ever knew.  Well, you say, you never heard that water had different ‘structures’.   You just thought that there was tap water, bottled water, gourmet water, sports water, carbonated water and polluted water.  What is this structure all about?

In the most simple terms water is one of the only molecules that appears on earth in three states at almost every place at the same time; liquid (the water we use for everyday chores (for bathing and drinking) solid (the ice we use for so many reasons) and gaseous (steam, humidity, clouds etc.).  Without water life would not exist on this planet earth.  In Nature water is converted into different structures according to the path that it takes to arrive at a point where we use it.  Water can come from high mountain streams and waterfall where it becomes oxygenated, alkalized and cleaned to a high level of purity. 

This pure water is very hard to come by in cities and highly populated industrial areas; it is almost impossible.  As a result we depend on technology to change the water that we use into its original, pure, life giving elemental form again.  Water can be changed through electric currents to be used for various reasons.  Water that is broken into smaller molecules (micro-clustered) can be absorbed by your body and used more efficiently to keep your body processes going strong. After drinking micro-clustered water you do not feel full and you feel more like your thirst is quenched.   When water is drunk in the ordinary state (with larger molecules found in tap water and bottled water) you tend to feel very full after drinking the water and you can hear the water sloshing around in your stomach.  The water just sits there and does not hydrate the cells quickly or efficiently. 

Water can exist also in an acidic or alkaline state. On the pH scale (which means potential Hydrogen scale) the range is from 0 which has a positive charge to 14 which has a negative charge).  By law our municipal tap water must register at or around 7.0 which is neutral.  City water districts do whatever is necessary to make the water register at 7.0; this usually entails using harmful chemicals which we absorb into our bodies when we drink tap water.

pH Scale

When you do not drink enough water or when you do not drink the right water your body pH becomes acidic.  Like tap water, our body blood chemistry should hover around 7.34 which is slightly alkaline.  However, the Standard American Diet (S.A.D. consisting of meat, sugar, sodas and bread) causes our blood to be more acidic.  Cancer, bacteria and viruses thrive in an acidic blood environment.  Dr. Otto Warburg, a German biochemist, won the Noble Prize in the 1930’s for his work proving that cancer is caused by acidic blood conditions and lack of sufficient oxygen in the blood.  Because of our poor diet and drinking the wrong water or no water at all, most of our bodies are automatically set up for health challenges and disease. 

Can changing your drinking water make that big a difference in your health?  After all these years and all the research into causes of cancer, could it be that something so simple could be the real solution?  Usually the answers that we seek to complex questions are really quite simple, and sometimes the answers are right under our feet – really, right at our lips every time you take a drink! 

Yes, drinking alkaline, micro-clustered water can change your blood chemistry from acidic to alkaline and change a debilitating condition into thriving and vibrant health.   For this reason the most important water for changing your life is Kangen™ water.

Sure, you can buy bottled alkaline water but what are you really getting?  Just like most bottled water, you are actually getting a whole lot less than what you are paying for.  See for yourself by watching the demo www.kangendemo.com.  Most bottled water is acidic, including the very popular sports drinks.  All sodas are acidic and cause the blood chemistry to be dangerously acidic.  To change our health quotient one of the most important things we should eliminate is sodas, sports drinks and diet drinks; one of the most important things you can add to your daily regime is Kangen™ water.

Dehydration is one of the most serious health concerns in America.  Most people just don’t drink the amount of water that can prevent dehydration.  I have heard too often from intelligent people that they “don’t like water.”  Well, that may be true, but your body and your quality of life depends on water – whether you like it or not.  We have to learn how to do what is right for our well being – not just what we like.  Next to air, water is the most important nutrient needed for survival.  Structured, ionized, alkaline water like Kangen™ water is your most sensible choice. 

The acid/alkaline balance in your body is ultimately influenced by dehydration.  Your bone health is greatly influenced by your body’s level of hydration.  When you don’t drink enough water with naturally occurring calcium and potassium your body’s acid/alkaline balance is disturbed.  Your body compensates by drawing these minerals from other parts of your body, like your bones, in order to make up for the lack of naturally occurring mineral; this attempt to stabilize your acid/alkaline balance often results in the loss of bone mass.

If you suffer from headaches, fatigue, constipation, digestive disorders, respiratory problems, joint problems, liver and kidney dysfunctions or premature aging this Kangen™ water can help you to return your youthful self. 

To learn more about Kangen™ water visit http://Enagic.com.  You can also visit our organization at http://h2origin.com/4life and http://DrinkInLife.net.