Featured Notes

In August 2006 Dr. A. Kweku Andoh, ethno-botanist, herbalist and naturalist along with his life long partner, Ms. Kali Sichen, nutritionist, naturalist and ethnographer secured a twenty-two acre plot of land in a beautiful, rich valley near Anomabo, Ghana, West Africa. Surrounded by indigenous farming communities, this rich and fertile soil was a perfect place for the G.E.N.E.S.I.S. Pilot Program to demonstrate its viability.

The North Scale Institute (NSI) is an Education and Research Organization dedicated to understanding ethno-botany and traditional medicine.  The NSI is fostering an understanding of the need for self-sufficiency in African Societies throughout the world, including African people in America.  Over the past twenty years, NSI has educated thousands of people world-wide about  the role of ethno-botany through books, lectures, video and sound recordings.  The basis of all social structures is agriculture, growing crops for food, shelter and clothing.  This fact is often overlooked in high-tech societies.  Yet, no nation can survive without agriculture.

Dr. A. Kweku Andoh, co-founder of NSI, is a world-renowned ethno-botanist who, for many years, has focused on the healing power of plants, promoting plants as an alternative approach to healing.  His global studies of plants has made him realize that societies can renew themselves by creatively using plants to grow an economic base.  By combining modern science and ancient knowledge of plants, new and useful products can be developed to provide needed commodities for local and international markets.

The North Scale Institute has determined, through research into herbal remedies over the last 30 years, that there are many natural healing products with great efficacy. NSI has developed a line of herbal products based on the research findings. These products are marketed under the brand name, Harbinger Herbal Nutrients and distributed by A A Healing Arts Society (AAHAS). Our healing philosophy states that disease begins in the accumulation of toxic waste products in the body, and that cleansing of these waste products must be primary to the treatment and cure of any disease. Toxic accumulation of waste products in the liver and colon contribute to the weakening of the immune system, which then allows virus and bacterial infestation to overwhelm the body. Our recommendation is to cleanse the toxic waste accumulations from the body, then nourish the immune system and the body back to health. This is done with a number of cleansing herbs and a dietary regime of natural foods and herbal supplements that give real nourishment to the cells. This system, if followed as recommended, should show remarkable results and a real turn-around in the health of most individuals. Within six months to one year, if this regime is continued as recommended, a person should appear to be his/her normal healthy self.